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Technologies we specialize in

AR & VR content

VR software design

3D modeling and Animation

App Development

360 VR video

Technical Specialism

Showcased VR in IBFW 2015
3D model of Ambika Temple 961AD For VMIS
Employee Training Module SPCL
Virtual Experience of Exibition for AIIS
Technical Specialism for activated carbon manufacture Saikon
Augumented Reality Showcase Mactrics Mime Show

Who we are ?

Madras MindWorks Pvt. Ltd.,
a creative technology company,

is based out of Chennai (earlier known as Madras). Just like our brain’s two parts, the right and the left, which performs the logical and creative functions our colorful six pointed logo signifies the idea behind setting up this venture which goes like, “To offer solutions (Products & Services) that synergizes both logic and creativity” We at MMW create immersive environments, to address your business needs like Marketing, Training & Development, through our advanced platform and state-of-art technology.

“Companies spend a lot of money on marketing of their Products and Services, it’s important to understand which model of Marketing will be working for them. The Madras MindWorks team helps you out to find the right path to your Dream Treasure .”

Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy - Chief Executive Officer, MMW.


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